Mutzie: The Worst Comedian You Never Heard Of

What Is A Mutzie?

Yesterday I was introduced to Mutzie. Who is Mutzie? He is the worst comedian that you didn’t know existed. He is labeled as a “Christian comedian” from New Orleans. First off, I didn’t even know that was a thing, how can you be a Christian comedian and a racist? This guy decided to tweet at Alvin Kamara on Twitter in regards to the Bubba Wallace NASCAR paint scheme. He blocked me and then later seemed to deactivate his account altogether.

What Is A Mutzie?

Alvin had tweeted out that he was going to watch his first NASCAR race after the sport decided to ban the confederate flag. He later was posting about Bubba Wallace’s black lives matter paint scheme. So insert Mutzie, this clown says “that car can never win, the spinners and subs in the trunk will slow it down. Great for drive by’s though so not a total waste”. Um, what? I got blocked from his account for saying “You look like someone stuck Kurt Angle in the microwave”. This guy labels himself as a Christian comedian and is saying that shit? Honest to god this man looks disgusting, he looks like the googly-eyed stay puffed marshmallow man sitting too close to the fire. Skin just melting.

If you were able to muster the strength to get through the video, then you can see this man is a clear racist. So I have a joke for you, What do you call a fat, greasy, crazy-eyed racist? Mutzie.

The Microwaved Kurt Angle

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