Max Holloway Was Robbed

Max 'Blessed' Holloway

UFC 251 in Abu Dahbi was was experience to say the least. There was some confusion, like when the referee allowed Jose Aldo to get brain damage. but one thing is clear. Max Holloway was robbed. The greatest featherweight of all time lost to Volkanovski via split decision. Time and time again, the judges have something that the vast majority of the public don’t. This was a clear victory for Max in my opinion. Even the boss man himself knows the decision was horse shit.

And Still??

Volkanovski came on strong in the 4th and 5th rounds, but the fifth could have gone either way. The judges give too much credit for a take down. Every time Max Holloway was taken down, he got right back up. That needs to count for something. A nasty head kick sent Volkanovski to the canvas in the 1st round and he got dropped again in the 2nd. Knockdowns should be worth much more than a take down with no sustained control. You could even argue a 10-8 1st round for Max. It is a damn shame that this is the result for the greatest featherweight of all time, he deserved better.

The terrible decisions are bad for the sport, this is what turns away “casual” fans as some like to say. I have never been fond of the term “casual fan”, but someone who isn’t normally interested might see this decision and say no thanks. From a betting standpoint, it is extremely frustrating to lose a bet like this. Max Holloway will be back.

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