Lou Williams Made A Veteran Decision

Lou Williams

Clippers guard Lou Williams is an NBA veteran. The back to back 6th man of the year recently made a veteran decision when deciding to leave the NBA bubble. Williams told NBA officials that he had a “family matter” to attend to, which was true. What Lou forgot to mention was that he wanted to go stop in at a strip club for chicken wings. Clearly Lou has never heard of Waitr.

Magic City Wings?

Jack Harlow, arguably the hottest rapper out right now, took a picture of Lou Williams at Magic City. Obviously realizing what he had done, Harlow quickly deleted it saying “That was an old picture of Lou, I just miss him”. My only question is, who in the hell goes to a strip club for wings? I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Magic City is a little nicer than Scuttlebutts in Slidell, but wings? The Clippers arguably have the best chance of winning the NBA championship and Lou Williams is going to go do some dumb shit like that? The NBA is forcing him to quarantine for 10 days and I don’t blame them. Imagine if he came back and got the entire team sick, then what? No more bubble basketball, which appears to be doing very well. To my knowledge, there have been no new confirmed cases in the bubble yet.

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