Le’Veon Bell To The Chiefs?!

Adam Schefter has reported that Le’veon Bell has agreed to a one year deal with The Kansas City Chiefs! Right when you think the team can’t get any better, they get a monster like Bell. Le’veon Bell will be joining promising rookie Clyde Edwards Elaire in the backfield. Number 26 is coming to the reigning super bowl champions, with fresh legs. His brilliant coach Adam Gase rushed him a total of 264 times for 863 yards in 17 games. Adam Gase had his panties all in a bunch due to Le’Veon liking some tweets basically calling The Jets coach a slapdick. Is it the whole reason he’s gone? No, but it is odd this release comes days after this action. Gase has even said he didn’t want Le’Veon Bell on their squad.

Leveon Bell
(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

Bell is running for the hills with the bag!

As Pat McAfee likes to say, dude’s a “stooge”! With those wandering ass eyes, he’s almost worst than Bill O’Brien! Bill at least got something back for his dipshit moves! Le’Veon Bell was cut meaning The Chiefs can pay him the veteran minimum which is about $875,000 or so and then The Jets will still owe him the remainder of his guaranteed $6 million. What a jackass decision! Personal feelings aside you need a workhorse who can take some slack off your quarterback. A kid whose career y’all are desperately trying to destroy.

The Jets are sure as hell not expected to do anything on defense when they shipped their stud young safety away! I am sure Le’Veon Bell was elated when he found out he was leaving the sinking ship that is The New York Jets. I must say it worked out for the man. He made about $28 million in 17 games and then sitting out a year prior. The dude is fresh and ready to go! It is going to be insane watching him alternate with the LSU Tiger and Patrick Mahomes. They are easily the best team in the AFC now.

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