Lets Dance For The Last Dance

Lets dance for The Last Dance

In case you have not heard, The Last Dance is a documentary about Michael Jordan’s journey to winning 6 championships with the Chicago Bulls (highly recommend even if you’re not a sports fan). The Series started five weeks ago as the country was in a full-on panic and adjusting to life in quarantine. We had already been in confinement for a couple months. At that point, The Office reruns were starting to become stale and we needed ANYTHING to help us forget about Tiger King and “that B*%@ Carole Baskins”. Luckily, the documentary dropped at the 11th hour and saved the day like a Paxton buzzer beater.

Why we needed The last Dance

A lot of us were too young to engage in the hype surrounding Michael in the 90’s. Us 90’s babies didn’t really get to see him play until YouTube was invented. We only heard the stories about how superhuman his game was and we knew Denis Rodman because our moms talked about his hair and he dated Carmen Electra. Many of us were skeptical of Michael Jordan’s greatness and were dismissive of folklore surrounding him. We formed our own arguments for best players of all time based off what we saw in the present. This is how the whole MJ vs Lebron argument started. Old heads chose MJ and  New heads voted for LeBron. That’s why The Last Dance was so important. The Last Dance gave us an exclusive view of what the hype was all about. We finally saw the man, not the meme.

It gave many of us what our age had deprived us of and connected us with Jordan. Described his mindset and illustrated how hard he worked. They say that the only difference between humans and animals is that humans have the ability to lie to themselves, apparently, Jordan was a master. Whenever he needed a boost of motivation or if he wanted to sharpen an edge he would convince himself that opposing players had talked trash to him or slighted him in some way. We now find out that much of it was in his head! The level of commitment to the game he displayed is uncanny. The last episode concluded last night giving us all the evidence we need to form an educated argument for best NBA player of all time. I now know one thing for sure, I wanna be like Mike!

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