Leonard Fournette To Tampa?

Well, there it is. Leonard Fournette, the pride of LSU has agreed in principle to a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fuck. That is the best way I can sum it up, Fuck. Of all places to go, he chooses our division rival.

Public Enemy #1.

This is how you’re gonna do us, Leonard? The New Orleans native Leonard Fournette is pulling a Kevin Durant and joining a super team. Now granted the Bucs have been absolute dog-shit since Jon Gruden left, but still. Week one in the dome, it’s going down. We will have no time for our patented slow start this year. We have an ace up our sleeve though. His name is Jameis Winston, ole crab leg stealing Jameis knows that Bucanneer team like the back of his hand. Yes, he was legally blind and probably couldn’t point them out in a crowd but he’s all we got for intel. This will not deter us from the main goal of winning a Super Bowl.

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