Lamar Jackson is an Average Quarterback

The dust has settled after a Monday night loss for the Baltimore Ravens. We saw the Chiefs coast to a 34-20 victory. I am here to tell you that Lamar Jackson is an average quarterback. If you have listened to the Big Easy Bets podcast, then you have heard me say this on numerous occasions. Lamar Jackson is an incredible athlete with a rare mix of speed and elusiveness, but he lacks the accuracy needed to win the big one.

“You Are Just Being A Hater”

I like Lamar, I think he is exciting to watch. Although this narrative that he is some all-world quarterback just isn’t true. Take last night as a prime example as we watched him go 15/28 for 97 yards and one touchdown that didn’t come until the 4th quarter. I have said since day one that if Lamar finds himself down 10 points or more late in a game, it’s over. When he is forced to push the ball downfield and the Ravens can’t rely on the run game, he has yet to get it done. Look at last year’s playoff game against Tennessee. The Titans jumped up on Baltimore early and Lamar was forced to push the ball downfield. He ended up going 31/59 for 359 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions. He is an incredible athlete and dual-threat weapon, but Lamar Jackson is an average quarterback at best.

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