Kim Jong Un Finessed The World

Kim Jong Un

Faking your own death and using a body double. This sounds like something out of a Jason Bourne film. Kim Jong Un had gone three weeks without being seen by the state media in North Korea when rumors began circulating about whether or not there was a “botched” heart surgery. We didn’t know if he was dead or alive for a couple weeks, then word came out that maybe his sister had him killed. She looks ruthless, like straight out of Game Of Thrones ruthless. One thing I do know is that if there was an issue with a surgery, it would be completely intentional.

What Really Happened To Kim Jong Un?

China sent someone to personally check on Kim Jong Un. Report came back that he was alive and well, a big blow to his sister and all potential female dictators. Then the bomb gets dropped on us (no pun intended). Kim Jong Un allegedly faked his own death to expose the rats in his inner circle. He apparently was hiding out with a “pleasure squad” of 2000 women. If that isn’t the most gangster shit I’ve ever heard, well then I don’t know what is. With that being said, this guy is a piece of shit, the world would be a better place without him. The only person who would disagree would be Dennis Rodman. Who the hell knows what is actually going on, The latest report is that North Korea may be using a “body double”, Kim may be dead after all. Stay tuned.

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