Kenny Stills Arrested

Kenny Stills

Houston Texans wide receiver Kenny Stills was arrested on Tuesday. Stills along with 86 others were arrested after marching to the home of Kentucky’s attorney general. This is in regards to the incident regarding Breonna Taylor where she was shot eight times in her own bed. The police enforced a no-knock warrant over drug suspicion and ended up shooting and killing Taylor. No drugs were found in the home and it is said that the police had the wrong unit.

Kenny Stills faced With A Felony Before The Officers?

I find it comical that Kenny Stills has talks of a felony charge before the officers who killed Breonna Taylor. I commend him for putting his money where his mouth is and getting down there himself. This will certainly bring some extra attention to the case of Breonna Taylor. Stills was released from jail on Wednesday.

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