Who is Joe Rogan? If you asked me that question 15 years ago, I would have said, the Fear Factor guy? Today the answer would be that he’s the guy with the best job in the world. Rogan announced yesterday on twitter that by September 1st, his podcast will be available on Spotify. He then went on to say that by the end of the year, The Joe Rogan Experience will be exclusively on Spotify. Joe just signed a deal with Spotify that is north of 100 million dollars. That is absolutely insane and unprecedented in the podcasting world. For example, a typical “payout per stream” on Spotify is $.00437. So a musician would need roughly 23 BILLION streams to earn what Joe Rogan is going to make. Spotify values him more than any musician on the service? It is mind-boggling, but I think he is worth it.

What Makes The JRE So Great?

What makes his podcast so much better than the rest, is the ability to have diversity in his guests. We have seen guests like Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, and Neil Degrasse Tyson. Then he switches it up and brings on Bill Burr, Theo Vonn, and Joey Diaz. Not to mention he has the MMA fixated episodes. Joe Rogan is living the dream right now, UFC ringside announcer, comedian, and the most profitable podcaster in the world. From Fear Factor to $100 million, You may not like him but you have to respect him.