Joe Kelly Suspended By MLB

Joe Kelly mocking Carlos Correa

Baseball is back and the benches are already being cleared. The ruling came down today that Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly has been suspended. Kelly appeared to throw at Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa in last night’s game against the Houston Astros. Kelly clearly showed no remorse and even began to shit talk Correa after hitting him with the pouty face. Joe has become a legend overnight as #FreeKelly has been trending on twitter since the announcement of his suspension.

8 Games For A Sad Face?

So Joe Kelly receives an 8 game suspension, yet the Astros have not received a suspension at all. Houston was caught stealing signs in the previous seasons and other than the GM and manager, there has been no discipline handed down. The Dodgers feel cheated, as they should. Everyone in the country knew the Astros were going to get thrown at last night. Joe Kelly did not hold back either, after throwing a 96 mph fastball at Bregman, he then doubles down and throws at Correa’s head as well. Although the pitch at Correa appeared to be a breaking ball and just got away from him. Joe Kelly is not afraid to scrap either, so after the benches cleared he would have been down for anything. This is a bad look for the MLB, but I understand you can’t just allow guys to peg the Astros all year.

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