Joe Burrow Impresses on Thursday Night Football

Last night we were able to get our first primetime look at #1 overall pick, Joe Burrow. He did not disappoint as many were singing his praises in a 35-30 loss to the Cleveland Browns. It appears that Joe Burrow impresses his teammates on a daily basis with his leadership and quick grasp of the playbook. Twitter was on fire last night with the “Get Burrow out of Cincy” tweets. Let’s pump the brakes a little.

“He’s gonna get killed behind that O-Line”

Let’s take a deep breath here. This is what happens when you go #1 overall, you go to a shit team. I hate to break it to everyone but 10/10 times a shit team has a shit offensive line. This was to be expected. With that being said, Joe’s decision making has not looked that of a rookie. He has drawn a lot of attention from many high profile athletes, even the likes of LeBron James. Not to mention Joey B has already gotten the first backdoor cover of his career after leading the Bengals down the field to cover the +5.5 point spread by a half-point. Burrow will be just fine, actually, he will be more than fine.

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