J.R. Smith Is Good With His Feet!

J.R. Smith beatdown

A TMZ video appears to show J.R. Smith is good with his feet. Maybe Smith should have been a soccer player. I wonder if Lebron saw this and thought to himself, “Man this dude could have been on the LA Galaxy but no! He wanted to screw up my 2018 finals! We had them in game one but dumbass J.R. gotta go the wrong way and then we are swept!”

So in this video produced on May 31st, apparently a man in one of the protests for the George Floyd broke Smith’s truck window. After smashing the window, the man ran like a baby back bitch. What this fellow did not take into account, this man is a professional athlete and he got them feet on him!

Did he just volley?

The video picks up with J.R. showing how good he is with his feet. He is kicking the likely $200+ out of this man’s ribs. Rightfully so if you ask me, it is probably hell trying to get your car into the shop right now! Not to mention we are trying to get the NBA back in July so we can’t having him risk the Rona! So like I was saying, just kicking away. Well what Mr. Needs a haircut did next is even more brilliant. Now you can’t hear but from my view it looked like he mouthed, “Bitch”. Guys, my mind could be making it up to aid the alleged Smith. My guy gave him the show stoppa, the one hitta quitta, the ol’ razzle dazzle. He who needs root work collapses like a lawn chair. Moral of the story, don’t break someone’ window and run.

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