“I’m Batman!” Keaton’s Back!

“I’m Batman’ Michael Keaton exclaimed against Jack Nicholson’s Joker in the greatest Batman movie ever. Not only was Michael Keaton a legend and Jack Nicholson just classic Jack, but these dudes were directed by the one and only Tim GotDamn Burton! That sentence alone is just a mic drop; buzzer beater, go home best possible lineup across the board.

Michael Keaton, A Legend

Well, kids, the legend is coming back! Mr. Crazy Eyes is reportedly coming back to us in some multi-verse similar to their tv series. Michael Keaton is in talks with returning as an older version of his 1989 Batman. The reports are looking like he will be returning to Flashpoint as his older character along with other films. So these other films are up to speculation but one of my favorite comic book podcasts, EverythingAlways on Youtube, has a theory which makes sense. Have him come in for the Justice League films later on down the road. Let him be a mentor like in the Batman Beyond series.

Batman old but sharp

I don’t give two popsicle shits if the movies suck donkey balls like most of the other films crapped out by this universe. Now don’t worry this is reportedly not going to affect Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s Batman. This will allow him to really establish the character. So this will be really fun to see the greatest Batman of all time coming back to us. It does suck it won’t be our standard savage and whoop someone’s ass Batman, but I will take a Batman Beyond older Batman.

I am really pumped to see what the DCEU is trying to pull off. They consistently shit the bed and disappoint all of us. However, bringing Zack Snyder back to complete his cut makes me optimistic. Zack had a solid vision and he loves the comics rather than trying to send something out that was ridiculous. The leaked screenplays sound insane! If you don’t mind spoilers, I suggest you check the original Justice League leaks. So reviving that and now bringing back the G.O.A.T., I am stoke for DCEU! Stay tuned fellow Dark Knight fans!

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