Hubig’s Pie a New Orleans Classic

A New Orleans classic set to return? Hubigs Pies, produced by the Simon Hubigs Pie Company, became a staple of New Orleans as soon as doors opened in 1922. The company’s popularity grew and demand quickly reached all over the state of Louisiana. Due to their commitment to serve and the affordability of the snack they were able to survive the Great Depression with flying colors. In fact, the demand for the fruit pastries grew immensely. Growth that sustained the company for almost 90 years. In 2012 the facility was decimated from 5 alarm fire. The fire grew out of control as a result of faulty fire suppression systems. Nobody died in the fire.

5 alarm fire at Simon Hubigs Pie Co. 2012

The company gave nothing away about when or if the company would return and rebuild. But in 2016 word got out that the company had obtained permits for a rebuild at their Marigny location where the fire occurred. Knowledge of building permits caused media outlets to jump to the conclusion that the company was back and people would get to enjoy those delicious pies again. However, that’s all that happened. Permits were filed and plans stopped dead in the water after the owners could not agree on terms with one another. Louisianans’ were left feeling duped and without their favorite 99 cent grab-n-go snack.

To me, the New Orleans classic is a nostalgia trip. Bringing me all the way back to when I was a kid with my dad and grandfather. We would grab a few at the gas station as we filled the boat up for an early morning fishing trip. We would eat a couple on the ride to the boat launch and throw a couple spares in the ice chest for later. Regardless of what they remind you of, I have news. They’re coming back in 2020, its confirmed!

So what does this mean for the New Orleans Classic ?

The company purchased a new warehouse in Jefferson Parish and dropped 1.37 million into the facility. They will be located in the industrial park located near the foot of the Huey P Bridge. Hubigs Co. say the pie will have that same iconic taste but there is skepticism. Because they are now outsourcing the fruit fillings to a third party using the original recipe and “similar” cooking techniques. Look, they’ve been out the game for 7 going on 8 years and I’m not going to lie expectations are high. However, no matter how these “new” pies taste I’m all for bringing back such a historic and Iconic Louisiana business. Many say that a Hubigs Pie is more iconic to Louisiana than redbeans and rice on Monday. Im not going to argue with them ‘cuz they’re right and that’s a BigEasyBet!

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