How Will The NBA Bubble End?

We have to be better

How will The NBA Bubble end? Woj has reported murmurs inside the NBA that the future of this year’s playoffs may be in jeopardy. We know that the NBPA and the players have agreed to finish the season and games will resume Saturday, August 29th. Jay Williams came out in an interview with Rachel Nichols on The Jump, saying he believes the games will be postponed Thursday as well which came to fruition. As a fan, I really want to see the playoffs resume. However, I am proud of these teams for working together and standing strong.

After the postponement of the NBA playoff games Wednesday the question now arises, is the NBA season in jeopardy? The decision of postponing the battles on August 26th comes after The Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their match against the Orlando Magic. The NBA is through with the injustices they are seeing in our society. On August 23rd, Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back by a police officer.

The NBA is not playing around.

Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the BACK! As a kid I was always taught to defend myself and never back down from a fight. I was also taught that a real man doesn’t hit someone from behind. I don’t understand how someone is giving you their back for several feet and you don’t take him down? The fact that a police officer can know everything that’s been going on the past few months and still have almost no hesitation to shoot a man in the back seven times is astounding.

I’m not a police officer and I don’t pretend to know what being in the field is like. However, I did grow up with one, and I have seen the good side of the force. I know and care for several officers, and I respect what the badge stands for. I have heard stories and seen videos of how the job can go wrong in the field. That doesn’t mean there can’t be problems in some precincts.

“I see no changes!” -Tupac Shakur, 1998

The players weren’t joking when they spoke out on these unjust killings. They, and the people, said we were done with seeing our brothers and sisters get killed by people who are supposed to protect us. Three months later, it is clear there has been no meaningful change. The players did not hesitate. There have been talks Monday and Tuesday, Donovan Mitchell, Chris Paul, and Doc Rivers sounded off. Doc Rivers, the son of a police officer, delivered a powerful post game message.

After Milwaukee and Orlando boycott Game 5, The NBA has decided to postpone all games Wednesday.
Game 5, Magic and Bucks postponed

The NBA is not playing around.

The NBA said coming into the bubble, they were coming to play, but also to use their voice to keep attention on what is really going on in the world. I know quite a few people who refuse to watch the NBA Playoffs because of how much of a voice the coaches and owners give their players. Just recently with Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Tayler (who’s killers are still walking free), and then George Floyd, there were protests all over the world for months! The players didn’t want to return to hoop. They wanted to be with the people and protest injustice.

Fred VanVleet and Norman Powell both suggested boycotting their Game 1 with the Boston Celtics. Not long after, it was announced that the Milwaukee Bucks would not play game 5 against the Orlando Magic. Following this decision, the NBA and NBPA came out postponing all game 5 matchups for today. Whether or not Wednesday’s decision will affect the games going forward is still unknown. I know they reported Thursday that the players have agreed to continue but as we have seen, anything can happen. Then with the Lakers and Clippers voting on ending their season, we really need to take their decision with a grain of salt. As stated before the bubble by Clippers stud Patrick Beverley, the players look to Lebron James as their leader.

Will there be a 2020 champion?

Dude I don’t have the answers. I’m pretty much an idiot. I just hate seeing the pain the black community is facing, and recognize we need change. There could be more police funding to compensate for the stress on the job, and extended and specialized training, and being held accountable for fuck ups. I don’t know, but we need to do more. As proud of my guys as I am, I’m really glad the players have decided to resume the playoffs. I just really hope these words of trying to draw up plans for real change occur. They aren’t hollow words which leads to our season cancelled. These playoffs have been incredible!

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