Have We Seen The Last Of Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown

Has anyone seen Antonio Brown? With everything going on in the world, there hasn’t been any time for AB to do something stupid. There was a video posted recently of Antonio Brown working out with Deion Sanders. If there was ever someone to work with while trying to attempt a comeback, Sanders would be that guy. Does this man actually deserve another chance?

What Actually Happened?

AB was traded from Pittsburgh to the Raiders, who are now located in Las Vegas. That was back in March of 2019, then the infamous frostbite incident happened. Brown showed up to training camp unable to practice due to frostbite on his feet. After that it was helmet-gate, Brown wanted to use his usual helmet that was deemed unsafe with the new NFL guidelines. A grievance ensued along with a battle with the NFL, throw in a few fines from the Raiders and Brown is asking to be released from his $30 million dollar contract. So whether it was the fines, Antonio calling Mike Mayock a “cracker”, or his feet getting stuck to the cryotherapy machine, like Harry Dunne to the ski-lift, AB was eventually “freed” from his contract.

Will We See Antonio Brown Again?

My gut tells me yes, the NFL has shown that if you have talent, then you get preferential treatment. Look at Mike Vick (although he served his debt to society), Ray Rice, and Ben Roethlisberger. Antonio Brown is without question a top three wide receiver when healthy, someone will give him another chance, whether he deserves it or not.

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