Gulf Coast Casinos Operate During Christobal

Christobal nearly took up the Gulf of Mexico

In a hasty attempt to recoup from last quarter losses; Gulf Coast Casinos Operate During Christobal leaving hundreds stranded on the MS Gulf Coast.

Hurricane Season is Among Us

Vistit: to get the facts this Storm Season

You might not have heard of Christobal the tropical storm that made landfall over the weekend. Don’t worry, my guess is that over half the U.S. was in the dark. Over the past few weeks news outlets have been saturating our feeds with the developments of covid-19, the conviction of officers responsible for the murder of George Floyd (rip) and the riots that have proceeded his unjustified death. I guess the headline “Rioters Steal 2million dollars worth of Rolexes in protest of police brutality” is grabbier than “Evacuate for punk ass storm Christobal”.

Anyway, the storm made landfall over the weekend. Christobal is officially the first recorded storm of the 2020 Hurricane Season. I know, it wasn’t a hurricane but it definitely packed a punch and caught a lot of people on their back foot. The media is partly to blame for the lack of awareness due to their sensationalizing of the riots and not keeping people informed on basic weather patterns but that is not my business. Another contributing factor is human ignorance. A willful ignorance if you will.

Is COVID-19 Clouding our Judgment?

Since the outbreak of Covid all industries and people have felt its effects. Essentially, it forced most of America to hibernate for the past three months. This is why I believe it’s clouding peoples judgment when deciding to go to the casino during the storm or stay home for the 95th consecutive day. I know the reader is like “no shit, tell me something I don’t know. I lost my job asshole”. But one thing you may not know is that MS was also among the first of a hand full of states to lift the quarantine order and open back up for business. This meant that the casinos and beaches were open and no longer off-limits. The MS Gulf Coast is home to a barrage of well known “highish” end casinos. Therefore, those who are now jobless can try their hand at the table. Never know, you may win your rent money back!

Iconic Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, MS before Christobals landfall.

Or is it the Machine of Corporate Greed?

Gulf Coast Casinos Operate For Christobal. With that being said everybody and his grandma were headed to the Coast last weekend. The only issue was that there was a tropical storm hurling itself at that very location! Ordinarily, this would not be a big deal but travelers were so caught up in getting out to gamble they forgot to check channel 6 before they left the house and the rest is pretty self-explanatory. Think about it. Over the last few months, Casinos haven’t made a DIME. They’re ready to put YOU in harm’s way to make a buck! UNREAL.

ARMY NATIONAL GAURD using 80’s model Caribbean islander cargo truck for transporting refugees from Coastal Casinos to safety

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