Gayle Benson Tested Positive For COVID-19

The WhoDat Nation just received some jaw-dropping news. Mrs. Gayle Benson tested positive for COVID-19. Mrs. Benson very well might be the most powerful woman in all of sports ownership. After Tom Benson passed away, she took over as owner of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans.

Take Me Instead

The city of New Orleans is incredibly lucky to have Mrs. Benson as the owner of our beloved sports teams. Many don’t know that Tom Benson’s children wanted to move the Saints to San Antonio or even Oklahoma City after Katrina. Who knows if we would even have Saints football today if they would have inherited the teams. Judging by the reports, Mrs. Benson appears to be doing well and has yet to miss a day of work. Honestly at this point, not much surprises me. Although I did not expect to wake up to the news that Gayle Benson tested positive for COVID-19. Let’s wish her a speedy recovery, we have a SuperBowl to win this year.

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