Future Of The WhoDat Nation?

Who is the future of the WhoDat Nation? Will Taysom lead the Black and Gold or will it be Jameis? Let me preface this article by saying I want the GOAT for as long as we can have him. If Drew were to come out saying he wants to play until he is sixty, then hell yeah because damnit that’s our guy. Now that’s out of the way, we do have to be realistic.

Steve Young 2.0 For The WhoDats?

The WhoDat organization has made it clear that they believe Taysom Hill will take over once the legend retires. Coach has been preaching Taysom’s ascension since ’18. The BYU quarterback has taken the league by storm. After being waived by the overrated Packers, Payton saw something in this kid. He and Mickey swooped in and pulled in Hill. Starting as a special teams phenom, Sean begins to really dig into Taysom’s athleticism. From wrecking ball carriers to darting down the field showing off that 4.4 speed. In 2018 the BYU star had 346 yards in returns, 6 total tackles, 196 yards rushing, with 64 yards passing, thus becoming the Swiss Army Knife of ball players for the Who Dat Nation.

The Injury That Brought The WhoDats To Their Knees

We were all salivating at the chance to see No.7 back in action in 2019. Unfortunately, the Football Gods had something else in store for us. In the first quarter, the monster of a man, Aaron Donald decided he was going to bend our season over. Storming through the line and outstretched, he treated Drew’s thumb like it was a damn volleyball! This brings Teddy Two Gloves to the table.

I have always been a fan of Teddy and I love that we let him get some confidence back. Now I am one of the people who hate seeing the likes of Dwayne Haskins, Sam Darnold, or a Josh Rosen being just thrown to the wolves. Before his gruesome injury, Teddy B won the NFC North. Even Aaron Rogers, that “baaaad man” was stumped by the Vikings. So by all means let the man be salivating and go out there. Let Taysom’s heart start pounding, like, “Oh shit, I am the next man up.” He too knows, it only takes one play for your number to be called.

Now with Taysom being the true number two for the WhoDats, that means his role as a joker has decreased significantly. Obviously so, you can’t risk your back up. We saw a couple of short receptions during the 5 game stretch with our captain out. Once the Falcons were on the board, we saw some more of Taysom. One pass for 18 yards and a few receptions, spreading that defense up.

Number 7 Showing Out For The WhoDat Crowd.

To be honest, there wasn’t too much happening for our guy until the playoffs. Now in a moment where we could not tell our asses from our elbows, two gentlemen thought, “uh uh, no sir! Not if can help it!”

Taysom Hill and rookie Deonte Harris connect to bring the WhoDats alive!

This was the beginning of a comeback. This spark fired up our team. Unfortunately it was not enough. Our poor effort the majority of the first half and of course, a call not in our favor knocked us out. Season over, Drew turning Forty-two next January and Teddy Two Gloves most likely on his way to spreading those wings. Who is taking charge of the WhoDat Nation? Is our future Mayor coming back? Is Taysom ready to prove Sean right? How is it all going to play out with the salary cap. We know Alvin, Marshon, and Ryan’s contracts are waiting around the corner.

In February our coach was up to the old tricks. Coach came out and compared No.7 to the the greatest athlete to come out of BYU. The ability to make plays with their legs and overall athleticism make sense. However, comparing Hill to Young is a very bold comparison.

April 25th and 26th is for the WhoDats

Thanks to covid, any sports murmurs are going to be blasted all over social media like a Jackson Pollock painting. It was not long before the news of Taysom signing back with the WhoDat nation. While the front office was working the language of the contract out, let me ask you. If I told you we could get a previous BCS National Champion, BCS National Championship MVP, and ACC Player Of The Year. What if he was a Heisman Trophy winner, interested? Of course you are, but what is the catch you ask? April 25th, Jameis Winston signs a One year, $952,000 base salary, and a bonus of $148,000. We got a National Champion for 1.1 million. The man threw for 5100 yards and 33 touchdowns. “Oh but Riley he threw 31 interceptions!! Dude’s trash! mehh.”

Don’t worry, Daddy WhoDat is here.

Look pal, I am not going to the store to get cigs. I’ma sit down and educate you pimpin. According to USA Today, Jameis was legally blind up until this offseason. The man was unable to read street signs or a damn license plate. Now we want to cry about those gaudy INTs. How about you go toss a pigskin 30+ yards with not being able to see anything but blurs. My boy, you will probably be 10-15% completion to an open target. This cat threw for 5100 yards BLIND!

I am not saying this guy is our future at all. Taysom has been with us for three years and has earned our loyalty no doubt! Although, to sit here and say I am not pumped to have a room like this is dog ass. We have a collegiate animal and a pretty solid NFL qb for a million dollars. Say he hangs on two years and then just drops only dimes, Coach will be even more of a genius!

Here comes the 26th. No.7 signs a two year 21 million dollar deal. Now for a qb, rb, wr, te, pr, kr, and punt coverage, that is a pretty solid deal! I for one don’t want to interfere with any rhythm, but I would like to see Taysom toss the rock a little more. I get he is lethal with those legs but he isn’t Lamar Jackson. With his size, he will eventually learn a lesson that RG3 had to learn the hard way. I for one am so excited to see what the Black and Gold have in store for the Who Dat Nation. Stay tuned, September 13th our boys welcome TB12 to the South.

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