Fernando Tatis Jr. Breaking The Unwritten Rules?

Fernando Tatis Jr.

Today the topic of controversy centers around one of the brightest young stars in the game. Is Fernando Tatis Jr. breaking the unwritten rules of baseball? Last night the Padres led the Rangers 10-3 in the eighth inning. Tatis Jr. steps up to the plate and eventually works himself into a 3-0 count. The unwritten rule of baseball in this particular situation is to take the pitch. What did Fernando Tatis Jr. do? He hit the ball to the fucking moon for a grand slam.

Did He Break An Unwritten Rule?

The answer should be hell no. These are professional athletes up there, not little leaguers. We aren’t handing out participation trophies, you pansies. Just because you find yourself in a 3-0 count as a pitcher doesn’t mean you get a free strike now. Make a better pitch or else Fernando Tatis Jr. is going to hit the ball to Houston.

“I Didn’t Like It, Personally”- Chris Woodward

Chris Woodward is the manager of the Texas Rangers, he clearly didn’t appreciate the grand slam by Tatis. In the words of Charles “Trout” Walker, “That’s too damn bad”. Tell Juan Nicasio to throw a better pitch! Fernando Tatis Jr. gets paid to hit the baseball and he did just that. As someone who had the Padres on the run-line, I say thank you. Grand slams clearly run in the Tatis family genes as his Dad was the only player to ever hit two of them in the same inning.

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