Ezekiel Elliott “Faded”

June 28th, Ezekiel Elliott once again fumbled the ball. He admitted he was “low key faded” while live streaming. Immediately after, he looks up and notices he hadn’t turned off his stream. The League is reportedly easing up on the Devil’s Lettuce testing. However, the face of the franchise admitted to having puffed the magic dragon. I don’t see them taking it easy on number 21, the off-field incidents are stacked against him. There is the float incident, domestic violence incident, and the security guard moment. In the past month, Zeke got COVID-19 shortly after being filmed at a party during quarantine. His dog turned some pool guy’s arm into hamburger meat. Then take it to Sunday, June 28th, 2020 Ezekiel Elliott on Live Stream says he is still faded.

Look I for one believe everyone should partake in the Green Goddess. The world would be a better place all around, but rules are rules, unfortunately. Plus the League has a stick up their ass about the sticky icky; See Josh Gordon. Now I for one hope Zeke doesn’t get suspended for too long if at all. I don’t wanna hear any whiny ass excuses when the Cowgirls get their asses stomped. Just Dak, get your boy. It seems like he can’t keep himself out of the headlines!

Zeke Elliot

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