Empty Super Dome Week One

It has been announced that due to COVID-19, we will have an empty Super Dome for week one. This is extremely disappointing due to the fact that week one is against the division rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The same Buccaneers who just so happened to pick up a future Hall of Fame quarterback, one who likes to open mouth kiss his son. Also this is potentially the farewell tour of Drew Brees. Okay so this is the time where all of the “who cares, I wasn’t watching anyway” people chime in. Good for you, really sticking it to the NFL’s bottom line. Don’t worry, when the Saints are 5-0, the majority of you will tune in, just in secret. Nonetheless this will be a huge disadvantage for the Saints. The Super Dome is the epitome of a home field advantage.

The Best Fans In Football

When the Dome is rockin’ there is nothing louder. Seattle? Kansas City? Save it. When Demario Davis intercepted Jared Goff in the NFC Championship game, there was literal pieces of the ceiling falling down. I lost my voice immediately and popped blood vessels in my hands from clapping so hard. An empty Super Dome will level the playing field under normal circumstances, but this year is different. We have a revitalized Drew Brees, a healthy Alvin Kamara, and the deepest roster in the league. We are taking no prisoners this year, fans or no fans. Who Dat!?

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