Elon Musk & Tesla Moving To Texas?

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is trending and it seems there is no stopping anytime soon. It started last week when news broke that Elon’s first child was successfully extracted from the petri dish he had been growing inside of at the Tesla factory for the past nine months. It went off without a hitch and everything was great but there were some important questions that needed asked. Like what would this marvel of science that is his son be named? In a robot voice Elon Musk responded, “He. Shalt. Be. Called. X AE A-12”. The internet freaked and the memes started rolling.

Texas May Be The Move

Later in the week after waters calmed over him naming his son after a captcha code, Elon struck news outlets again! This time he was expressing his distaste of California lawmakers handling the covid-19 pandemic. He was quoted saying “they” (lawmakers) “should be tarred and feathered” for the way they are handling how businesses are allowed to operate. He’s pissed. So pissed that he made a visit to the great state of Texas. Elon met with Texas governor Greg Abbott about potentially moving the shop over to the state. Apparently the meeting went well but nothing is confirmed. But I think we all know whats about to go down.

This makes sense right? The man is an absolute unit of flesh and brain. It’s a wonder he hasn’t already packed up and moved to the Great State. I mean lets get real, the guy has been selling legit flame throwers to the general public for like 5 years. He started a space exploration company with spare car parts and named his kid after some plane Tom Cruise flew in Top Gun. I’m not sure how you see it but the evidence is damming. To me, It looks like Elon’s trading in the Tesla for a bucking bronco, yee-haw partner! Texas welcomes you.

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