Earl Thomas Gets The Baltimore Boot

All-Pro Safety Earl Thomas III

Well, this was not the news I expected to see this morning. Earl Thomas gets the Baltimore boot. The Ravens are deciding to move on from the All-Pro safety after he got into a fight with teammate Chuck Clark. It is too early to tell whether or not they will be able to trade him, or just release him. It is not every day you see an All-Pro player get tossed on the chopping block in 24 hours, something serious must have happened.

Dallas Is The Front-Runner

Adam Schefter reported that Dallas appears to be the front runner in the Earl Thomas sweepstakes. The Saints don’t need him as we are pretty deep at the safety position. Would I take Earl and get rid of Marcus Williams? Marcus doesn’t want me to answer that question. This is some big news on a Sunday morning and there is still a lot of uncertainty, Although it appears Earl Thomas gets the Baltimore boot. Where do you think he ends up?

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