Drew Brees Is Turning Back The Clock

Drew Brees

Good news, Saints fans. We are roughly one month away from the season and in his final season, Drew Brees is turning back the clock. Will this definitely be Brees’ final season? I hope not, but if so, he’s leaving no stone unturned when it comes to making sure his body is ready. Drew has heard the noise that he can’t throw a deep ball anymore, so he set a goal this offseason. He wanted to get back to being able to consistently throw 60 yard bombs, and it’s looking like he achieved that goal. Just ask Emmanuel Sanders.

Makeshift Backyard Workouts

That is the trick, Drew Brees is turning back the clock thanks to a few makeshift backyard workouts. Some consisting of a paddle-board and a lacrosse stick. Drew has been working with renowned throwing coach, Tom House. Mr. House equates throwing a one pound ball to a football, and one mile per hour to one yard. So after working at it, Drew is consistently throwing this one pound ball 60+ miles per hour. House was quoted saying that Brees “threw a couple balls 57, 58 yards without even trying.” So buckle up Who Dat Nation, because we may just see a new gunslinging Drew Brees. We have the deepest roster in the league and have very real Super Bowl expectations.

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