Does The WhoDat Nation Need Clowney?

Does the WhoDat Nation need Jadeveon Clowney? Is he that missing piece in the defense? So I have been one of the people really hoping that we could get the Gamecocks’ animal. However, I was reluctant to think about how unnecessary it is. It is also a tad irresponsible. I get that we have the “this year” mentality because of Drew most likely retiring soon.

Damnit Coach! Gotta be careful with your words sir!

I, like many of you, enjoy reading and listening to all sports related media. I was listening to this guy Matt Moscona who has a channel out of Baton Rouge called, After Further Review. Dude made some good points! Let’s look at what we are claiming to be inadequate. The 2019 New Orleans Saints defense under Dennis Allen, was 19th against the pass while 4th against the run. The last time the WhoDats had a running back rush for over a hundred yards, was Samaje Perine in 2017. Overall the Black and Gold were 13th in points against.

Number 94 kicking it with Cowherd

Marcus “Put Some Respek On My Name!”

Our boys were 4th in sacks with 51! It doesn’t really seem like we are struggling up front. Cam Jordan is the sack master. Dude keeps stacking. “Yeah, what about Davenport and his injuries though?” Don’t worry boo, I’m getting there. So Marcus catches a lot of slack and to be honest I was with y’all. The difference is, I did my research. Marcus had the one injury on record back in 2015 before coming to us in 2018. The thumb injury set him back greatly, bringing him back mid August.

That is a lot of time for a rookie to miss before coming into the season. He had the toe sprain which caused him to miss another three games and then the foot against the Niners in 2019. Overall though, four injuries and two surgeries in four years. This still has him as a low risk in 2020.

Clowney’s Downside

Mr. Clowney on the other hand has quite the history. Now yes, I remember that monstrous hit against Michigan like it’s the cookie cake from earlier! Pretty freakin solid! However, the injury history with this animal is rather extensive. Considered a “medium risk” for 2020, Clowney had a torn Meniscus, concussion, and hernia in 2014. Micro fracture surgery to repair complications from the previous injury to his meniscus in 2014. The man had an ankle sprain and lower lumbar sprain in 2015. Two elbow sprains in 2016, knee sprain in 2018, and then another knee sprain and lower lumbar sprain in 2018. Clowney is rocking six surgeries and twelve injuries in four years!

The man declined an offer for $15-16 million from the seahawks. Jadeveon declined the “the richest offer yet”. His asking price was $20 million and currently the saints have about $9 mil in cap space. Now all of the reports are claiming a possible one year deal, but for someone who is wanting money now, I just don’t see it happening. Why not just save the money and apply it to next year?

The Black and Gold D kickin some ass!

Who Dat Free Agency 2021

We have five stud’s contracts coming up. Marshon Lattimore and Ryan Ramczyk can get a 5th year option put on them. As Mr. Stan Bradley, Von Brick’s dad, likes to call him, “Captain Kamerica!” is up along with “Double D” Demario Davis and then Marcus Williams. We are probably losing Williams, but Davis and Kamara are no question! Demario’s career has been revived since coming from The Jets. Kamara was banged up most of last season but even still put up respectable numbers. So what do you think? Does the WhoDat Nation really need Clowney? Do we really go ALL in or do we take the responsible approach?

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