Doc Rivers Out of Los Angeles and Into Philly

Doc Rivers

Head Coach Doc Rivers is fired from Los Angeles and has already been hired in Philly. Doc Rivers’ firing comes after the Los Angeles gave up a 3-1 lead against the Denver Nuggets. Now I’d like to give some respect to Denver. They are a hell of a team and performed unbelievably well in the bubble. Overcoming two 3-1 deficits is incredible. Jokic and Murray are absolutely disgusting on the floor. However, when looking at the roster The Clippers had, there is no reason for them to not make it to the big game.

Doc Rivers had a helping hand in convincing owner, Steve Ballmer, with the decision for trading away four first round picks to bring in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Essentially trading away the future, The Clippers were hell bent on defeating Lebron James and The Lakers.

Talk About Depth With Doc

A quick run through, “The Claw”, “PG 13”, and Lou Williams who is a three time 6th man of the year. 2020 6th man of the year Montrezl Harrell, Marcus Morris, Ivica Zubac, and then the man who could get under Buddha’s skin, Patrick Beverley! I mean good Lord, talk about depth! It is reported that Doc Rivers was texted by President Lawrence Frank confirming the acquisition of Leonard and Paul George. Doc apparently had to leave to continue talking to Frank due to curious eyes from the restaurant guests.

This brings us to why it is such a shock that the Clippers were defeated early. The Clippers were supposed to win it all! It has been predicted since before the season even started! The Lakers didn’t have the depth to compete with the Clippers and there was going to be an epic battle for L.A.. Unfortunately Jamaal Murray and Nikola Jokic had other plans.

Doc Rivers Gets Some Advice

Back in Boston, Doc Rivers had a squad. KG, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and then Rajon Rondo. Bill Belichick reportedly reached out to Doc Rivers and essentially foreshadowed this chain of events. Belichick “Teams with championship expectations either land smoothly or crash and burn.” Meaning when the roster says you should win and the outcome is different, eyes will begin to wander.

This foreshadowing came to fruition when the deepest roster couldn’t make it past the semis. Steve Ballmer began as a technology entrepreneur. Technology is always improving and building. It is never just constant or else it becomes outdated. Ballmer took what he was familiar with and has slowly been implementing it in his franchise. There have been reports that he is constantly pushing his employees for new ideas and to be better.

Doc Rivers leaves behind L.A. and hopefully coming to the N.O.
Doc Rivers leaves Los Angeles Clippers

A Bad Gamble

The man essentially gambled with the franchise’s long term future to win now. We know that it takes a lot to get to the Chip much less win it. There’s so many variables that go into winning a Chip. We have seen this countless times. Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, Reggie Miller, Steve Nash, Elgin Baylor, and John Stockton are just a few legends who have never won a ring. We get the difficulty!

It is just unfortunate that Doc Rivers has become the only Head Coach that blew 3-1 leads on three separate occasions. This couldn’t be overlooked by owner, Steve Ballmer. For a man who is constantly trying to be better, he pulled his superstars to the side. Kawhi and George were reportedly okay with Doc’s release. Doc is a hell of a coach but it can be understood why this decision was made. The team’s energy looked flat and the chemistry just didn’t look like it was there.

Will Ty Lue Replace Doc Rivers?

Now who will step up and take on the challenge of coaching a team full of stars? I personally believe Ty Lue is going to get this position. He has already been on the staff working with the guys. Ty Lue is a championship winning Head Coach. Coaching the Cavaliers with Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Richard Jefferson, J.R. Smith, among others. The Cavs were not short of personalities. I trust Ty with this job and I am sure Ballmer mentioned it in his pitch to Kawhi and George. The firing just occurred so I don’t expect a decision soon, but this makes the most sense! Crazy unlucky for Doc though, man was a stud of a coach.

Of course as writing this, Philadelphia couldn’t let a future Hall of Fame Coach sit around. Breaking news, Doc Rivers has signed with the Philadelphia 76ers. Personally, I think this is a terrible idea for Doc. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons have proved that they can’t get it done together. They have been primed for a championship for a few years now and they constantly fall short. Doc has been there however I don’t see him being able to take that squad to the next level. The chemistry just isn’t there. I would have preferred to have him with The Pels to coach up our young guys. I hope it works out. Unfortunately, I see this being Clippers 2.0. What do you think?

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