Dez Bryant To The Ravens?

Dez Bryant could be on the move

Dez Bryant to the Ravens is looking like a very real possibility. The former first-team All-Pro had reached out to Ravens head coach John Harbaugh back in April. That appeared to pay off because Dez is headed to Baltimore for a workout as we speak.

Dez And The MVP?

This would be a great fit in my opinion. The Ravens aren’t lacking speed at receiver, but they don’t necessarily have that go-to guy for when they need to move the chains. Compound that with a nice duo of tight ends and I think Dez would fit this offense very nicely. The Cowboys let Bryant walk back in 2018 but not before he accounted for 7,459 yards and 73 touchdowns in eight seasons. Remember when Dez signed with the Saints and proceeded to tear his Achilles tendon two days later? Yeah, that still drives me crazy. Although Dez Bryant to the Ravens isn’t a done deal just yet, I hope this works out for him. I always liked Dez, but his sub-par route running was always an issue. He won’t be able to out jump and outmuscle guys like he used to. Just for the record, he caught that ball against Green Bay in the playoffs.

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