Corona Liability Waiver?

National Football League

The NFL is doing all that they can to make sure football goes on without a hitch this year. Rumor has it that a Corona liability waiver is on the way. What does this mean? It probably means that when you buy your tickets on StubHub and you “accept the terms”, there will be fine print involved. I have been saying for months now that this will be the only way we have fans in the seats.

Would You Sign A Corona Liability Waiver?

Would I personally sign this to go to a game? Yes. I can already hear all the holier than thou people, “wow, you would put yourself at risk for a football game?” Yes, Karen, I would. Newsflash, this is Drew Brees’ last season. You could guarantee me that I would get the virus if I went, and guess what? I’m still going! I honestly don’t have a problem with the NFL instituting this waiver. You are not forced to attend the games, so if you feel more at risk then stay home. Fan attendance will vary by the stadium and that states restrictions on public gatherings. The first six to eight rows will be covered off to provide more distance between the fans and players on the sidelines. So my question to the readers is this, are you going to sign the waiver to attend NFL football games?

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