College Basketball is Back!

The day is finally here, college basketball is back! If you know anything about myself, then you know that I love college basketball and that March Madness is my favorite time of the year. Naturally, I was devastated when the tournament got canceled due to COVID-19 this year. But here we are, a new season even with another lockdown potentially looming on the horizon.

Big Easy Betting College Basketball

If you followed us last year then you already know how this will go. If you didn’t, then allow me to explain. We do the Big Easy Bets podcast weekly, and with there being so many basketball games each day, it is near impossible to give those games out on the podcast. The betting lines don’t come out until the day of, so we toss them into a blog for all to read. Last year I went a very respectable 25-16-2 before we got shut down. I intend to have even more success this season but it will take some time due to all of the offseason uncertainty. Needless to say, we will be dipping our toes into the water to start, as opposed to just diving headfirst. So buckle up, because college basketball is back (for now). My picks will be in BOLD below.

Big Easy Bets

1:00pm CT on ESPN: Illinois State @ Ohio State (-18)

8:30pm CT on ESPN: Villanova @ Boston College (+14)

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