Coaches Around The NFL Fined Heavily!

Monday morning, Adam Schefter tweeted that some coaches around The NFL are being fined heavily for the improper use of their masks. Denver Coach Vic Fangio, Seahawks’ Pete Carrol, and Forty-Niner coach Kyle Shanahan were each fined $100,000! Each of their organizations received a whopping fine of $250,000! After Monday night’s game, Raiders’ Coach Jon Gruden and Saints’ Sean Payton also received the same fines as their colleagues because of their improper mask usage. The NFL sent over a 1.5 million dollars in fines for optics.


The Coaches should not be fined!

The players, coaches, and staff are tested every day of the week except for game day. The players are already playing ball without masks. Not to mention many players, ex players, coaches, and ex coaches have talked about communication already being an issue. We also know that when listening to someone we subconsciously read their lips. We all but guarantee these teams are negative and then we make it even harder for them to communicate? Makes sense. Then fine them when they are in the heat of the moment and some camera holder catches them without their mask. It is ridiculous.

Andy Reid not fined for his mask proves that the league is full of bologne
Andy Reid’s “mask”

I understand Covid is a big deal and all that jazz but come on though! What’s the point of all the testing if the league is going to bust their balls like that? Y’all are seriously going to tell me Andy Reid’s mask was legit? Really, because we clearly saw his breath going everywhere, fogging up the whole thing. How is that okay? That does not prevent Covid in any way. You think he would be fined too right? No, the NFL just didn’t want any backlash and are being pansies as always. Most of the games this season will be played without fans, which means they are essentially in their own bubble. Oddly enough two of the coaches fined already had Covid. Sean Payton and Pete Carroll now have the antibodies so get out of here with that nonsense. The NFL is just worried about their image as always.

Pat McAfee on NFL coaches being fined

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