Coach O Is Fighting For The People

Coach Ed Orgeron

Head coach Ed Orgeron is the best thing to happen to LSU since, well, Joe Burrow. On Tuesday Coach O said the country “needs football” while speaking in front of Vice President Mike Pence. This man is fighting the good fight for the people! He’s right, we need football. NFL and College.

Coach O Has My Vote

Speaking at a round-table discussion about reopening Louisiana schools, Coach Orgeron was in front of Betsy Devos, Governor Edwards, and Vice President Pence. When Coach O speaks, Louisiana listens. So much so that when John Bell Edwards was giving his first few COVID-19 press conferences, nobody was listening. So the governor calls in Ed Orgeron to lead a damn pep rally at the podium. Only in Louisiana is the football coach more respected than the Governor. Coach knows what needs to be done, and he got up on that mic and said “we need football” to the applause of Vice President Pence. I have half a mind to write Ed Orgeron on the ballot come November.

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