CHAZ: One Big Oxymoron

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you have heard of CHAZ. What exactly is CHAZ? It is an acronym for the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, a six-block area in the city of Seattle. It is an attempt at a self-sufficient society, free of police and free of America. Upon entry, you will see a sign that reads “Welcome To Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone”.

What Is The Goal?

The purpose of CHAZ was to show that police are not needed in Seattle. Followed by a bunch of demands, such as “defund and abolish” the police. Which one is it, defund or abolish? The abolishment of the justice system as we know it, and the prison system. Labeled as a peaceful city or country, whatever they would like to be referred to as things have taken a turn for the worse. Last night and into this morning there were multiple shootings. Sadly, a 19-year-old kid was killed while inside. So what did the citizens of CHAZ do? They called the Seattle fire department, who said they would not come in until police have secured the area.

One Big Oxymoron

This newly founded area was run by people who opposed border control. The first thing that they did was put up a wall surrounding the six blocks of Seattle. One man said, “we need to make the biggest wall we can”. These same people are advocates for gun control and the removal of assault rifles in America. The second thing they did was place guards armed with assault rifles to guard their border. The movies made about 2020 will seem too crazy to be true.

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