C-Murder Going to Get His Big Break?

Why all the fuss? Louisiana rapper could be getting his big break soon but not how you may think. C-Murder (Corey Miller) is currently serving year 11 of his life sentence without parole for killing a 16-year-old in Harvey. His case was forgotten for the past 11 years but that is beginning to change thanksContinue reading “C-Murder Going to Get His Big Break?”

Reggie Bush Is Welcomed Back To USC

Back in 2010, fresh off of winning a super bowl with the New Orleans Saints, Reggie Bush forfeited his Heisman Trophy. This came after Reggie admitted to making “mistakes” while at USC. Long story short, Reggie Bush accepted benefits, whether in the form of cash or gifts. Who gives a rats ass? He deserved everyContinue reading “Reggie Bush Is Welcomed Back To USC”

The Notorious vs The Spider?

Oh yeah sugar plum you heard me right! “The Notorious” Conor McGregor (22-4) may face off against the ancient artifact that was Anderson “The Spider” Silva(34-10). So you’re thinking one of two things, “This will be legendary. Makes sense, there is plenty of money to make in this bout.” The next would be kind ofContinue reading “The Notorious vs The Spider?”

Future Of The WhoDat Nation?

Who is the future of the WhoDat Nation? Will Taysom lead the Black and Gold or will it be Jameis? Let me preface this article by saying I want the GOAT for as long as we can have him. If Drew were to come out saying he wants to play until he is sixty, thenContinue reading “Future Of The WhoDat Nation?”

Hubig’s Pie a New Orleans Classic

A New Orleans classic set to return? Hubigs Pies, produced by the Simon Hubigs Pie Company, became a staple of New Orleans as soon as doors opened in 1922. The company‚Äôs popularity grew and demand quickly reached all over the state of Louisiana. Due to their commitment to serve and the affordability of the snackContinue reading “Hubig’s Pie a New Orleans Classic”