UFC 252 Miocic vs Cormier 3: Picks

Saturday, August 15th, UFC 252 is where this legendary trilogy concludes. Many UFC fans, especially us down here in Louisiana, have been waiting for the return of Louisiana native Daniel Cormier. Who else would he be fighting but Stipe Miocic? I’m going to cover the three main fights that have been getting the most hypeContinue reading “UFC 252 Miocic vs Cormier 3: Picks”

Max Holloway Was Robbed

UFC 251 in Abu Dahbi was was experience to say the least. There was some confusion, like when the referee allowed Jose Aldo to get brain damage. but one thing is clear. Max Holloway was robbed. The greatest featherweight of all time lost to Volkanovski via split decision. Time and time again, the judges haveContinue reading “Max Holloway Was Robbed”

Will Street Jesus Save The Day?

After Gilbert Burns tested positive for COVID-19, things were looking bleak for UFC 251. Now the question is, will Street Jesus save the day? Jorge Masvidal would be stepping in to fight Kamaru Usman on one week’s notice. Jorge had this opportunity recently but declined, which then prompted Dana White to insert Gilbert Burns. FightContinue reading “Will Street Jesus Save The Day?”

Gilbert Burns Tested Positive For COVID-19

The MMA world got rocked with some devastating news this morning. Gilbert Burns tested positive for COVID-19. Burns was set to headline UFC 251 with Kamaru Usman on fight island. Coming off of an impressive win against the now clearly washed up, Tyron Woodley, Burns was clearly riding that momentum. Neither fighter was on theContinue reading “Gilbert Burns Tested Positive For COVID-19”

UFC Mount Rushmore

Dana White has been in the media a lot lately. Between having to deal with unhappy fighters requesting to be released, and seemingly everyone coming for his neck. Dana was asked who he has on his UFC Mount Rushmore. Included on his list were Royce Gracie, Jon Bones Jones, The Iceman Chuck Liddell, and AmandaContinue reading “UFC Mount Rushmore”

Fight Island Is Real

The hype we have all been hearing is true, fight island is real. When the shit was hitting the fan and sports in the US were being canceled, Dana White made the ultimate power move. This man went out and bought an island so the international fighters won’t have to jump through hoops getting backContinue reading “Fight Island Is Real”

Conor McGregor Announces His Retirement

You may have heard this one before. ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor has announced his retirement from the UFC…again. We have seen this happen at least twice before, and clearly it was just smoke and mirrors. This comes at a time where everyone seems to be coming for Dana White’s neck. Dana has clearly had enoughContinue reading “Conor McGregor Announces His Retirement”