Vince Carter Retires A Legend

The NBA is set to return July 31st, unfortunately the plan does not include the Atlanta Hawks. This means we have seen the last of Vince Carter. Vinsanity announced this would be his final season before it started. I’m disappointed that we won’t be able to properly honor his incredible career. Half Man Half AmazingContinue reading “Vince Carter Retires A Legend”

NBA Restart: Pelicans Playoff Chances

The big question basketball fans in New Orleans are asking now is, what are the Pelicans playoff chances? Last week, Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner, announced July 31st as a potential NBA restart date. I don’t know who the NBA’s Board of Governors are and I’m not sure of anyone who does, but everything seemsContinue reading “NBA Restart: Pelicans Playoff Chances”

J.R. Smith Is Good With His Feet!

A TMZ video appears to show J.R. Smith is good with his feet. Maybe Smith should have been a soccer player. I wonder if Lebron saw this and thought to himself, “Man this dude could have been on the LA Galaxy but no! He wanted to screw up my 2018 finals! We had them inContinue reading “J.R. Smith Is Good With His Feet!”

NBA Basketball Coming Back?

Basketball fans received big news today from commissioner Adam Sliver. The NBA is eyeing July 31st as the potential date to return to play in Orlando Florida. This is not set in stone, but it is still big news nonetheless. We should be approaching the start of the NBA finals by now, although Covid-19 hadContinue reading “NBA Basketball Coming Back?”

The Last Dance: The Greatest Ever?

We saw The Last Dance come to its conclusion last night. The 10-part documentary showed us an unparalleled look into the greatest team ever assembled. It is universally known who the greatest athlete of all time is, but this documentary allowed us to see him like never before. So my question is simply, is thisContinue reading “The Last Dance: The Greatest Ever?”