Alvin Gentry Strikes Again

Bubble basketball is officially here and what did we find out in the first game? Alvin Gentry is just as useless as ever. Time and time again this guy proves to be incapable of doing what he was hired to do, coach. The Pelicans drop game one to the Utah Jazz after leading by 16Continue reading “Alvin Gentry Strikes Again”

Lou Williams Made A Veteran Decision

Clippers guard Lou Williams is an NBA veteran. The back to back 6th man of the year recently made a veteran decision when deciding to leave the NBA bubble. Williams told NBA officials that he had a “family matter” to attend to, which was true. What Lou forgot to mention was that he wanted toContinue reading “Lou Williams Made A Veteran Decision”

Where Is Zion?

The NBA is back! Well, kinda. We have our first official scrimmages today, but the big question is, where is Zion? The league officially resumes on July 31st and the Pelicans superstar is nowhere to be found. He left the team on July 16th to tend to an “urgent family medical matter”, but since then,Continue reading “Where Is Zion?”

Jrue Holiday To Donate Game Checks

Pelican’s guard Jrue Holiday has vowed to donate the remainder of his game checks to charity. The value of his regular season checks could potentially be worth up to 5.3 million dollars. This is an incredible gesture by the All-Star guard. All-Star On & Off The Court Jrue Holiday is one of the more underappreciatedContinue reading “Jrue Holiday To Donate Game Checks”

Thanos Returns

On July 30th, Thanos returns to the NBA. One of the biggest questions about the bubble in Orlando, is how are the players going to be coming back? With gyms being closed, most athletes have had to become reliant on their home gyms or using different objects around the house to help with exercises. OnContinue reading “Thanos Returns”

Pelicans Schedule Is Released

The Pelicans schedule for the restart was released today. To no surprise, three of the eight games will be primetime on ESPN. That is what you call the Zion effect. The Pelicans are currently sitting as the 10th seed, 3.5 games back from Memphis. We have eight games to try to squeak into the playoffs,Continue reading “Pelicans Schedule Is Released”

Sony PlayStation 5 Has Been Revealed

On Thursday, Sony held its Future of Gaming Event. We finally got a look at the much anticipated Sony PlayStation 5. The PS5 has been talked about for years, and it will be released later this year. I feel like the same question is asked every time a new console is about to release. “CanContinue reading “Sony PlayStation 5 Has Been Revealed”