Carmelo Anthony: 15th On The NBA All-Time Scoring List!

August 9th, Carmelo Anthony passed Paul Pierce to become 15th on The NBA all-time scoring list. Carmelo Anthony accomplished this feat with a free throw in the 2nd quarter against The Philadelphia 76ers. Carmelo Anthony now has 26,398 points. That is only 99 points from passing Tim Duncan for 14th! Since beating the Simmons-less Sixers, The Trailblazers have clinched the 8th seed. Though Ja Morant made it to the play in, it does feel nice that he didn’t make the playoffs as well.

We almost lost Melo

Carmelo Anthony is seeing a career resurgence this year. Partnered up with Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, Carmelo Anthony is averaging 15 points 6 rebounds and 1.5 assists. Considering how Melo was nearly considering retiring after being cut from The Houston Rockets. Melo went from Superstar to not making an 11 man roster. In an interview with “Mr. ESPN” Stephen A. Smith, Carmelo Anthony opened up about how defeating that experience was and how he was highly considering hanging up the jersey for good.

Nugget Melo

Rewind back to his days with Denver. Carmelo Anthony averaged over 20 points throughout his tenure in the “Herbal State”. Then fast forward about eight years when he is transitioning to New York. He was a baller but he was never THE guy he used to be. You would think pairing him with Jeremy Lin, an older Amar’e Stoudemire, and an older Baron Davis, they would have a shot. Unfortunately, they could never get it done, and then when wanting to go be with his banana boat bros, his contract decisions with the Knicks kind of dicked himself over.

A Godsend for Carmelo Anthony

Oklahoma City and Houston were just failures. They weren’t the best schemes and then with sports, you have to be solid between the ears. If you’re not in the best mental state, you’re always losing, or perhaps just not playing you’re best, it will reflect in the performance. I am so glad for Melo to find his fit in Portland. It is also even more perfect, Dame not having won a chip and maintaining his “fight with your team, not join the enemy” mentality, CJ chugging along having Dame’s back, and now the Banana Boat little brother who has just felt unaccomplished. I mean it is kind of the perfect story.

Carmelo Anthony and Damian Lillard pushing for the playoffs!
Melo and Dame with the playoff push!

I am not saying I think the Trailblazers will win it all. However, I will say they have one hell of a shot. The Lakers and Clippers will be tough to get through but anything is possible. Huge shoutout to Melo making the 15th spot in scoring. An incredible feat, but I hope to see him side by side Damian Lillard hoisting up the trophy. Tune in August 18th for the first match-up between The Las Angeles Lakers vs The Portland Trailblazers at 8PM CST!

Carmelo Anthony on First Take with Stephen A. Smith

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