Cancel Culture Is A Cancer

Joe Rogan

2020 has been the year of cancel culture. What is cancel culture? It is the newly adopted mindset of America, where if you say something that I disagree with, you’re canceled. You will be written off and even boycotted against in some instances. This is the mindset that needs to be changed. The country was founded on freedom of speech, but now we have this bully everyone into conformity mentality.

Joe Rogan Canceled?

Joe Rogan is the latest person to be “canceled”. On the JRE podcast, Rogan said “it’s for bitches” when referring to wearing a mask while talking with Bill Burr. Bill Burr’s response was great, he roasts Joe Rogan for his take right then and there. That should have been the end of it, Rogan says something and Burr roasts him for it. Nope, everyone wants to take offense to what was said, feelings were hurt and here we are. Joe Rogan is being “canceled”.

To everyone tweeting “Joe Rogan is canceled”, let me make this very clear. The guy just signed a deal with Spotify north of 100 million dollars. Why? Because he has grown this platform to where he can say whatever the fuck he wants, and people want to listen. If you want to see someone get canceled, then you better set the bar a lot lower. Here is what we should do, stop being so damn sensitive, and getting our feelings hurt over shit that doesn’t matter. Grow the fuck up, and stop crying when someone says something that you don’t agree with. This cancel culture is cancer.

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