Cameron Jordan, The 2nd Most Savage Saint

Can we agree that Cameron Jordan is the 2nd most savage Saint? Obviously Coach Payton is sitting up at one but Cam Jordan is right there. Coach Payton is at one with the cash antics, using the wrong sponsors during the draft, and stealing Tommy Stevens from The Carolina Panthers in the seventh round. Although Cameron Jordan is smooth with his savagery. From sending his Jordan Cabernet to Cam Newton, to saying Ben Roethlisberger isn’t a Hall of Fame quarterback before they played. Cam will always stand up for his team and always lifts up the true G.O.A.T. in Drew Brees.

Cam Jordan on GMFB

August 3rd Cameron Jordan was on Good Morning Football talking about the upcoming season. Of course he was asked about Terron Armstead’s comments that this season was “Superbowl or bust.” Cam confirmed adding that, “Every season is Superbowl or bust.” Which is a pretty fair assessment. I mean who goes in thinking, “Well guys, go out there and have fun. Win or lose it’s about having a good time.” Take your participation trophies elsewhere assclown.

When Kyle goes in like the Tom Brady nut hugger he is and asks how Cam approaches it. He says all the right things. They have Chris Godwin and Mike Evans even though he can’t do shit on Marshon Lattimore. They now have an ancient “Shady” McCoy but it is still LeSean McCoy! Then toss in O.J. Howard, Gronk, and top it off with Tom Brady. I love he added that Tom Brady was the second G.O.A.T. behind Drew Brees, because let’s face it, the only thing TB12 has on our boy is the rings. Which take away deflategate, Spygate, The Brady Rule, among others he is behind Drew.

“He’s a Savage!”

Cam responds that of course The Saints need to improve and constantly work on getting better. However he did add in that “The Buccaneers are fighting to get second place!” Leave it to ol’ Jheri Curl having Cameron Jordan to slide that backhanded compliment in there. Now guys is he wrong? We have the scarier depth chart.

Cameron Jordan on the Bucss

At back we have AK and Latavius Murray, better than their run game. Jared Cook and Adam Trautman, arguably better than a year off Gronk and O.J. Howard. Receiver corps, I give us the nod but I could understand if you say I am biased but let’s say that Covid-19 may work to our advantage due to shortened training camps and opportunities to work. Nearly all of our team is returning so it is absolutely fair to say that we have the advantage over TB12 and the Buccaneers. Either way, good God I am ready for some football! One more month my friends! WHO DAT!

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