Cam Newton Underpaid?

Is Cam Newton underpaid? So we all know New England doesn’t like to pay its players. In fact, they had the number two G.O.A.T in Tom Brady who won 6 championships, and he couldn’t get paid. The 2015 NFL MVP signed a one-year incentive-laden deal worth up to $7.5 million. His base salary is just north of a million dollars. That is insane!

I understand all of the injuries and basically missing last season. I get that with COVID, doctors couldn’t get their hands on him to know that they can make a solid investment. But come on!!!! Y’all know this man is making the same amount of money as Brian Hoyer? Brian Hoyer! Are you serious? Tua Tagovailoa is making $7.56 mil and he hasn’t played a down yet! Josh Rosen, and look readers I’m sorry you just read that assclown’s name, but he is making approximately $4.4 million.

If you look at the videos Cam Newton has posted on his Instagram, whew the dude is looking sharper and nastier than back in ’15. I am excited to see him play this year, New England should be investigated again for robbing a talent like that. But y’all, can New England suck for a year, please?! like goddamn batman! Friday, the pats aren’t worth a sack of popsicle shits but ohhh come Sunday! Smack my ass and call me cowboy, the damn Patriots are AFC contenders! Let him really shine and then take over for another 10 years for New England and continue the dynasty. Mehhh. One thing I’m looking forward to is, seeing Belichick in a scarf or something other than the hoodie will be dope. So the question stands, is Cam Newton underpaid?

Belichick learning Cam Newton's style

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