Cam Newton To New England

Cam Newton

WOW! Cam Newton to New England? The Patriots have agreed to sign the former NFL MVP to a one-year deal jam-packed with incentives. This almost seemed inevitable right? Tom Brady leaves and we really thought that Jarrett Stidham would be just handed the reigns?

The Rich Get Richer?

Not quite, the Patriot offense is largely based on short intermediate routes. Cam Newton struggles mightily with short intermediate routes. With a career completion percentage south of 60%, this move doesn’t scare me. Cam Newton to New England does not mean SuperBowl. Although it is a very good move for both sides. The Patriots get a former MVP on a one-year tryout deal basically and Cam Newton gets a shot to replace the 2nd greatest quarterback ever. Will we see Newton get back to his MVP form? I say probably not, but 2020 is starting to heat up in the sporting world.

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