C-Murder Going to Get His Big Break?

Corey Miller holding loved one before incarseration.

Why all the fuss?

Louisiana rapper could be getting his big break soon but not how you may think. C-Murder (Corey Miller) is currently serving year 11 of his life sentence without parole for killing a 16-year-old in Harvey. His case was forgotten for the past 11 years but that is beginning to change thanks to an unlikely humanitarian. You may know her as the big booty wife of Kanye West, that’s right, Kim Kardashian-West. She has just finished a 1-year apprenticeship for law school and is ready to put the cart before the horse. It all started with her documentary The Justice Project meant to highlight the need for Prison Reform. They visit prisoners whose cases were treated unfairly and cases where circumstantial evidence or shotty witness testimony lead to conviction. Is it possible that we could see C-Murder get his big break due to a Kardashian? Maybe so.

Kim K showing achievement. Could lead to C-murder big break
Kim Kardashian-West poses with several women she helped free.

She is in fact, serious about the issue and her work is proving to be successful. So far, she has advocated on behalf of mostly nonviolent offenders with drug charges who are over sentenced. As a result of her work multiple women have received big break and been released before their sentence. Its important to know she is helping regular people who probably did not get a fair shake because they could not afford proper representation. An impressive accomplishment. Especially for someone that hasn’t been in the game for very long and doesn’t have any credibility in Law. She’s doing a good thing. It would be great to see her keep it up for the poor and defenseless but it’s time for her to move forward with her career.

Where is she heading next?

With all the hard work done and her time in the trenches behind her, she has switched gears and set sights for bigger fish. The latest development has her advocating for the release of the New Orleans rapper C-Murder. In 2002 the No Limit Records rapper was found not guilty of murdering Steve Thomas. It wasn’t until the 2009 re-trial when he was convicted of killing Steve Thomas outside a club in Harvey. C-Murders case fits right in-line with the criteria that Kim is looking for. Except for the murder part. His conviction was decided by spotty witness testimony where said “witnesses” retracted testimony. Not to mention the jury was not sold at the time. That alone would be enough for the average Joe to raise an eyebrow but there are even more holes in the case.

Shows Kevin Gates with C-Murder. Big Break
Kevin Gates last visit to jail was with C-Murder before he was banned visitation to ANY La prison for life.

It could happen…

C-Murder has solid connections to some of the most high-profile rappers in the business. Many Louisiana rappers say that he’s their role model. There is no doubt in my mind that with celebrity supermodel lawyer Kim K leading the fight backed by the hip-hop community that this is going to catch fire. I’d go as far to say we should expect to see C-Murder get his big break by next year. Watch, he’ll be back on the West Bank handing out holiday diners at Rouses by Christmas next year! Finally, some good news to report in 2020. No Limit Records, we so bout’ it bout’ it!

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