Bronny James Smoking the Devil’s Lettuce

As if Lebron James wasn’t already mad enough about losing the MVP trophy. A video of his son Bronny James smoking a blunt has set the twitter-sphere ablaze (no pun intended). One thing is for certain, your Dad can be one of the richest and more powerful athletes in the world, yet you will still be a typical dumbass 16-year-old kid. LeBron has remarkably had a clean slate his entire career, no scandals or controversies for someone who has been in the spotlight since he was his son’s age and had more hype around him than anyone before him. That is honestly very impressive and needs to commended. Insert Bronny James smoking a blunt on his Instagram video that he clearly meant to send to a private group, yet ended up posting it to his main story.

The Twitter Mob Will Come

First things first, clearly this is not his first time smoking. The kid looked like a seasoned vet. LeBron has been letting uncle J.R. Smith over at the house too much. Should he be smoking? No probably not. Should everyone go crazy and make a big deal about it? No, definitely not. He’s a 16 year old kid who is growing up with more eyes on him than any of us can imagine. So I will not be throwing stones inside of my glass house and Bronny can close his glassy eyes and sleep easy tonight knowing LeBron is stuck in the bubble.

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