Brittany Spears Scares The Shit Out Of Me

Brittany Spears

I haven’t learned very much since we entered quarantine back in March. Now with another quarantine seeming possible, I must admit that I have learned at least one thing. Brittany Spears scares the shit out of me. We were forced inside without anywhere to go for two months. It is without question that some people had nervous breakdowns along the way. Did anyone have the decency to check on Brittany?

Somebody Go Check On Brittany Damn It

Brittany is dancing like Ms. Lippie for God’s sake. If anyone has been known to become unhinged, it is Ms. Spears. Sure, K-Fed deserves the majority of that blame, but what can ya do? Brittany allegedly burned down her home gym by “mistake”. Why do all old people seem to love Brittany Spears now? Because you know damn well these women didn’t like her back in the “oops I did it again” days. Whether she is unstable or not, Brittany Spears scares the shit out of me. I know her breakdown was 10+ years ago, I’m more or less joking around…kinda.

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