Big Ten Football is Back!

We knew it was coming, Big Ten football is back! The conference has officially succumbed to the pressure of “the mob”, which is the trendy term to use when someone changes their mind. October 23rd-24th is the date set for the return of Big Ten football. This means we get to see Jim Harbaugh in his khakis blowing a late lead. We get to see Ohio State and Justin Fields lace em up. This is great news, but let’s see how we got here.

Jumping The Gun On August 11th

The Big Ten was the first power five conferences to announce the postponement of their season. Why did they feel the need to jump the gun so early? The SEC still doesn’t play a game for another ten days. This was a very knee jerk decision that blew up in their face when the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 didn’t follow in place. The conference was receiving pressure from every direction. Notable head coaches, players, parents, and even the President of the United States were going for the throat of the Big Ten.

Big Ten Football is Back!

After all of the pressure, the conference finally caved. Big Ten football is back in late October with an eight game all conference schedule. This will be a strange college football season but an interesting one as well. More football means more games to bet on and we are all for that. Did the Big Ten get muscled into this decision by President Trump? Probably not, although he is certainly taking some of the credit.

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