Benches Clear In Oakland

Ramon Laureono Charges The Astro Dugout

Tempers flared and finally reached a boiling point today. We saw the benches clear in Oakland after Ramon Laureano charged into the Astro dugout. Laureano clearly was not happy after being hit for the third time in two games. Laureano got into an exchange of words with Astros hitting coach Alex Cintron and made a break for him.

Not Exactly Textbook Social Distancing

Everyone by now knows that the Astros cheated, but not everyone knows that it was Mike Fiers who outed them. Fiers now pitches for Oakland, so naturally there is bad blood there. Add that to the Astros being 6-9 overall and you have a team that is not very happy. Houston is finding out the hard way that it is not easy to hit a curveball when you don’t know that it is coming. So the benches clear in Oakland and lost in all of this drama is the fact that Oakland has won nine straight games. The Athletics are on fire right now, but suspensions will undoubtedly be handed down.

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