A Super Bowl of Black and Gold?

It is time for a Black and Gold Super Bowl. How do we get over this hump and get back to the big game? “The Minnesota Miracle“, we were right there and then Marcus Williams makes a crucial rookie error. Then the “No Call Game“… don’t get me started. I was right there. My Grandfather was pulling me down into my seat because like many of the Who Dats, I was not happy. Then last year, we were hungover or something like a quarter and a half. Then Taysom and Deonte rev our offense back to life. Fighting all the way back and in overtime, the ghost offensive p.i. So how do we get past this hump of constantly getting dicked over and make it back to the Super Bowl?

An offensive juggernaut

We are an offensive monster. We always have been and we always will be. “Not when we lose our Hall of Famer!” Eh, we kinda will because Sean Payton is an offensive genius! Don’t get me wrong, Drew is the G.O.A.T. but Teddy looked great under Sean and I like to think Jameis will flourish as well. Our common denominator in most of our downfalls has been our defense.

No disrespect to my guys, I love them but we have to be real. The last time we had a fearsome defense was back in 2013, we ranked 4th. The next few years with Ryan were miserable. 28th, 32nd, and then Dennis Allen started sneaking in, then Ryan capped it at 31st. Under Allen, we have gone 10th, 14th, and then 13th. We all remember the 2017 draft, Alvin Kamara, Ryan Ramczyk, Marshon Lattimore, Marcus Williams, Trey Hendrickson, and Sunshine himself Alex Anzalone! Ooh! Our front office continues to bulk up our defense to try and keep answering the bell.

“Give [me] Gronk”-Chauncey Gardner-Johnson

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is looking like a solid 3. I love his game and attitude. Then we go ahead late last year and pick up Janoris Jenkins. It didn’t take long to show he was the better 2 than Eli Apple. No disrespect to Apple, he is a talented player but we are better without him. So entering the draft we didn’t have that many holes. We picked up Malcolm Jenkins, who won the super bowl with us back in ’09. In 2020 from Wisconsin, we take the Badger Zach Baun. Needless to say, our defense is looking disgusting! So let me ask you Who Dats, is this the year we make it over the hump and make it to the super bowl? Are we finally going to get to flip the league off after getting royally screwed the past two years? I don’t know the answer but I can’t wait to be balls deep in some black and gold! Who Dat!

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