Atlanta is in Midseason Form

Atlanta held a 20 point first half lead on Sunday. Where have we heard that before? Atlanta is in midseason form after blowing a 20 point lead to the Dallas Cowboys. This very well might be the most exciting game we see all year and it is only week two.

What The Hell Happened?

Well, the Cowboys managed to fumble three times in a ten-play span. Gifting Atlanta with great field position each time. The Falcon offense was clicking on all cylinders and Calvin Ridley had himself a day. Julio Jones, the king of dropped deep balls did just that. He dropped what would have been a 40+ yard touchdown that was right in his hands. The pass was from former LSU standout, Russell Gage no less. A dime, on the money.

The Game Deciding Play

The biggest play of the game wasn’t a dropped touchdown, but a ball that no Falcon wanted any part of. After Dallas head coach Mike McCarthy decided to go for two way too early, Dallas gets the ball back and scores. Then the obvious onside kick follows. What happened next I may never know the answer to. The Falcons appeared to not want to touch the ball until after it went ten yards. The receiving team can jump on it at any time, it is the kicking team that is required to wait until after the ball travels ten yards. If I am a Falcons fan, I’m pulling my hair out. Jump on the damn ball! The Cowboys go on to win by a field goal. This is what the Falcons do, Atlanta is in midseason form.

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